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Corporate Travel Services
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Tamarin Bay Travel’s manager is reachable 24 hours a day on a cellular telephone. In the event of an emergency.

Tamarin Bay Travel have fully fledged “in-house” terminal facilities at home.

In the event of an emergency please contact:

Lauren John 072 600 7085
Sakkie Steenekamp 082 568 308
Melanie Bishop 082 443 3939

Tamarin Bay Travel perceives itself as a partner to our customers and in line with this belief we would support and indeed expand our current involvement through the following steps:

The Managing Director, Mrs Melanie Bishop will be solely responsible for the account and will conduct, negotiate and develop the corporate travel account using all the extensive expertise and experience at her disposal.

Senior Travel Consultants, Melanie Bishop, Sakkie Steenekamp and Lauren John will commit themselves to providing the best service and advice for corporate travellers to make their business trip as smooth, efficient, stress free and cost effective as possible.