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Corporate Travel Services
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Our mission is to give our client's the best service and advice for corporate traveling which makes their business trip as smooth, efficient, stress free and cost effective as possible.

Travel Information

Tamarin Bay Travel will provide you with complimentary airline timetables, hotel brochures and information on special packages, which offer discounts and applicable industry specials, which can be extremely cost effective for private individuals.


Tamarin Bay Travel provides each corporate traveller with three itineraries, one for the passenger, one for their spouses and one for their secretary.

We also supply the physical address, telephone and fax numbers of all hotels as well as contact airline telephone numbers.
Maps are provided on request.

All our senior consultants have access to the latest technology and combined with their knowledge and our ongoing training, enables each of them to provide your company with the best multi-sector air fares, taking each traveller’s special requirements into consideration, we are able to deliver the right solution to our customers needs.